With the Platinum Membership we invite you to enter a world of opportunities: Free events, up to 3 trips a year to incredible destinations, together with some of the most brilliant minds in the world, and spend time with Damien every year.
We mix pleasure and business to make your experience as complete and productive as possible. From the castles of France to the islands of Bali and Fiji, the temples of Cambodia and the pyramids of Egypt, we don’t need creativity to please our Platinum Members. And even less when we think of the special guests with whom we invite you to come, live and talk.


Platinum members have a portal available to stay in constant contact for the duration of their membership. Not only will you be able to connect with other members on the incredible trips we organize for you or at events; We provide you with an online tool so that you can stay connected at all times with Damien, his team, and thousands of other high-profile entrepreneurs.


Each membership level lasts for one year. It comes with an important list of benefits, including access to Damien’s events, having discounted guests, special surprises, and something important: a personal mentor who advises you on both professional and personal levels so that you always stay on the path of a quality, rigorous, and effective continuous performance.

The different levels of membership

Compare the difference between a regular member and Platinum


US$19.90 / Month

  • Newsletter weekly
  • Pre-sales of tickets
  • Special invites
  • Tips & advice online


US$ 55,000 / Year

  • 1 Free Event
  • 1 Platinum Guest
  • 1 Platinum Trip
  • 1 Platinum Event
  • Special Discounts
  • Special Contributions
  • Platinum Portal Acess
  • Dedicated Mentor
  • VIP access to all events


US$95,000 / Year

  • 2 Free Events
  • 2 Platinum Guests
  • 2 Platinum Trips
  • 2 Platinum Events
  • Special Discounts
  • Special Contributions
  • Portal Platinum Access
  • Dedicated Mentor
  • VIP access to all Events
  • VIP Seats in all Events


Easy to understand, all his advice in my personal experience and his knowledge was very useful and above all to apply it. The best advisor since it goes straight to the point without much argument but with sure results.

Penelope Calderón

testimonio damien soitout

I recommend Damien 100%; He is an excellent mentor! He helps you in all aspects of your life, he makes you believe in yourself! And above all, he expands your knowledge in your business! Very highly recommended!

Helena Salazar, Nutriologist

Damien is an incredible person, an excellent mentor, coach, he knows everything about e-commerce (in my case), he is a successful businessman, he became a great friend, and all his help provided, to me and to my customers, excellent results. There are no schedules for him, whatever time it is, he supports you, and he is aware of you and your business, helps you start or improve a business. The Master of My Business program became the best investment for me.

Eli Aboud, Entrepreneur

testimonio damien soitout

Damien is a complete package: help with finances, business, commercial strategies, advice for your personal life, tips for you to learn to motivate yourself without the help of others… Without his help I would not be there to comment on it. Not only did he help me with my business, he helped me with my happiness.

María Gastelum, Entrepreneur

Damien is a great human being, an excellent person with exceptional leadership!

Baloys Tiburcio

I just started with the coaching with the Diamond package about 2 months ago and I must say, never have I felt better about myself, in and out. And my business is definitely taking a turn for the best with the few improvements we have had the time to implement with Damien. I have had the chance to attend a first trip in the historical Mayan and Aztec ruins as well as a formidable trip to the Bahamas, if it keeps going this way, be sure I’ll renew my membership next year. Looking forward to the next events.

Dave Miller, Entrepreneur

Damien Soitout