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Master of My Destiny is a journey inside your subconscious, in which we will respond to your dreams and desires through key questions that will allow you to reveal where your frustrations, your delays, your achievements and your losses come from. We will explore where those passions of the past went, where they suggested the doubts you have today.

We will discover the value of the relationships you have with your family, your friends, your colleagues and partners. How you can improve your life by surrounding yourself with the right people. How they perceive you and how you perceive yourself is vital to understand the reason for your present life. That is why we will consider your strengths and weaknesses to turn them into advantages, and a point of motivation for you to reach a new level of inner peace, happiness, tranquility, and personal achievements.

Master of My Destiny is a program in which all your decisions and actions will be put into question. Your routines, diets, thoughts will be put to the test of your judgment in a totally open and lucid state of mind. Which will allow you to review where to make adjustments to live a healthier life tailored to your deepest hopes and desires; May it be on a personal level, relationships, career, finances and more.

Who is Master of My Destiny for?

Master of My Destiny is for anyone from 18 years old, student, professional, entrepreneur, housewife… who feels that their life could be better. We all have problems, we all have dreams, but sometimes it is necessary to stop for a moment, and reflect on the path in which we are in order to make the necessary adjustments in order to reach where we want to go.

How long does the event last?

Master of My Destiny lasts 4 intense days. It lasts until late at night, it can be until 10/11pm but some events have lasted until after 12am.

How often are there breaks?

We do not pause. 4 days of total immersion is a limited amount of time to be able to provide the results that we promise to give you. That is why we do not make “breaks” but we will have transitions to be able to get up, dance, jump, scream and return in a state of complete attention and concentration. It is possible to go out for whatever it is; like going to the bathroom, but we recommend trying to stay in the room as much as possible to take advantage of every moment, every tip, every exercise.

Do you include food and other amenities?

The event does not include food and amenities. We will have stands available so you can buy drinks, food and any other types of products that you may require. Besides, each event is located near consumption centers and shops for your convenience.

Do I need to bring something?

You will need pens, a notebook, and a large water bottle to avoid going out when you are thirsty. You can take a computer and tablet but remember that the place does not come with fixed seats or a power outlet to recharge the equipment. We recommend bringing only what can be stored under your chair.


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Revive the flame that elevates you to the level you want to reach. Talk to a representative of the Master of My Destiny and live the life of your dreams.

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