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The HQ of all CPF companies

CPF Group has been created with one goal in mind:

Build a group of companies that can complement each other, meet the needs of their clients, and contribute to the charitable actions of its founder Damien Soitout. By collecting donations from the different entities of the group, CPF Group participates in actions to improve the environment, and support children in situations of precarious school, health, and much more.

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CPF Francia SA de CV

CPF Francia began with a very clear objective: in a Latin market where French wines and products are overpriced, CPF offers internationally recognized products, but also very exclusive ones reserved for connoisseurs, to the Latin markets at a fair price. Our slogan is: “Quality is not measured in price, it is found in the unexpected.”

The idea is clear: The best does not have to cost too much money, and French is not expensive. We must get rid of that idea since after a market study in 2015, CPF Francia revealed that more than 90% of French products in the Mexican market were sold as luxury products, however the same bottles are sold as a price of entry level in France.

Our mission is to take advantage of the Latin markets, or force them to sell these products at the value they should really be sold for.

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CPF Entrepreneur

New generation consulting firm with focus on growth through rarely exploited opportunity areas, applying cutting-edge technological solutions, psychological tools and extreme restructuring strategies to ensure a minimum growth of 30% in the field you wish to develop.

Our firm has worked with international groups such as Alphabet (google), IBM, Banco Santander, Orange, Walmart and many more.

CPF Capital

CPF Capital is a Hedge fund (investment fund). Created in 2017 with the intention of giving access to investment instruments to the average consumer, we have stood out by applying investment strategies in highly specialized, niche sectors.

Our focus is always on ensuring an interesting return for investors, as well as measuring an appropriate level of risk to target the return levels requested from clients.

A concrete example of our recent achievements, we were one of the pioneers in 2019 in preparing for the 2020 pandemic, investing since the first week of December 2019 in key companies in the sector.

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Damien Soitout Exclusive Program

Damien Soitout is an expert in making businesses exceed their expected results. He is an expert in pushing the limits of entrepreneurs to take them to heights that few people in this world are lucky enough to reach.

Only elite people look to Damien to help them achieve goals that sound impossible to achieve, since it is with him that several businessmen, politicians, athletes and celebrities have been able to get to where they are in their careers, as well as in their personal lives.

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CPF Pharma

CPF Pharma specializes in medical accessories: face masks, gloves, goggles… But it also stands out with the production of non-prescription medicines: paracetamol, ibuprofen…

Recently CPF Pharma signed an agreement to produce an innovative organic insulin recipe.

CPF Pharma’s mission is to produce and distribute pharmaceutical solutions at affordable costs for all. Enough with medicines at more than 1000% profit margin, CPF Pharma has been created so that health is not a question of money, but a human issue accessible to everyone.

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Vino Market

Vino Market is a marketplace type platform (Amazon, Mercadolibre…) where you can sell and/or buy products, services and gourmet experiences. It’s not just about wine, or food. It is about travel, dinners, tastings, events, consulting services for owners of hotels, restaurants, stores, etc…

The idea is to bring together the actors of the gourmet world in an app to coexist, do business, grow, and share their products and services to all consumers, at all levels without discriminating against anyone because of their wallet.

Already open in Europe and Mexico.

Champagne Peridot

Peridot champagne comes from the historic alliance of its creators. It fuses the excellence of one of the most exclusive champagnes in northern France, with an exclusive design for the most refined tastes. Each bottle comes with a real Peridot stone as well as a light-up design that will attract the attention of all the tables around you.

Unparalleled quality, for the elite people of this world.

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Damien Soitout’s recent books
Read the books written by Damien over the years.

What they said about Damien

Spending time with Damien is like reading the best book on personal growth, motivation, productivity, business, finance, entrepreneurship and science fiction at the same time and in real time. Super recommended.

His leadership, his initiative and his way of inspiring other people to bring out the best in themselves.

Damien is an incredible person, an excellent mentor, he knows how e-commerce works, he is a successful businessman, and he is a great friend. All his help given to clients: excellent. There are no schedules for him, whatever time it is, he helps you start or improve a business.

Excellent attention, clarity and development to grow your company.

Damien is a great leader and great person.

Damien is a top-notch professional, focused on the most relevant points of business. Natural leader, with a lot of quality in his work. I highly recommend him.

Damien, without a doubt, is one of the most open-minded entrepreneurs I have met and the best expert in this field. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Thanks Damien! for opening my mind and designing the path to achieve my goals, you are a great mentor, clear, precise and above all you have put together a plan made up of various very practical and useful steps, 100% recommended.